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Creating a tool to visualize potential levels of risk for
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With vast amounts of data, finding
key insights makes it useable

Utilizing the AskScout Risk Score, we focused on how we could provide users with a more in-depth understanding of crime risk across San Francisco. To accomplish this, we leveraged core UX flows outlined from the AskScout iPhone App to design and develop an MVP web experience.

Organized by neighborhood, users can quickly sort by current risk levels and recent incident trends to understand which areas of San Francisco have recently been impacted by crime the most.

Diving into the details of each neighborhood, users can quickly gain an in-depth understanding of the area with current and forecasted risk levels, as well as recent incident totals and trend statistics. Simply toggling between overall risk and each risk category, users can compare the different types of risk and determine which risks they should be aware of most.

Data-rich and filled with insights, continuously learning and iterating helps us refine this MVP product into a best-in-class experience.

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